Cypress tree tunnel

Cypress Tree Tunnel Pt Reyes

In Point Reyes National Seashore, north of San Francisco, is a row of Monterey cypress trees that forms a “tree tunnel”.  At the end of the tunnel is the historic RCA/Marconi station, a wireless telegraph station where operators tap out Morse Code messages from ship to shore in the early 2oth century.  This is just another of the myriad reasons why we always revisit Point Reyes when we are out west……

Tree Tunnel Pt Reyes IMG1803

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2 Responses to Cypress tree tunnel

  1. Chau, this tree tunnel is stunning! I’ve never seen one using cypress trees. Gorgeous! And I didn’t know about the RCA/Marconi station. We have a similar “green tunnel” here on St. Simons Island called the Avenue of Oaks that leads to the former Retreat Plantation. Here’s a photo. Hope you’re having a great summer. ~Terri

    • Chau Wu says:

      Thanks Terri, these cypress trees are really beautiful and very sturdy with Point Reyes being the windiest place in the Pacific coast. I ran across pictures of these trees on the internet and wanted to see them but when we were at the visitor center in the park asking about them, the rangers didnt know where they were and they weren’t marked in the park map. Luckily we saw them from afar on one of our hikes and was able to see them. The oaks in St. Simons Island are lovely, it’s really amazing how big they are. Oak trees covered in moss is what always comes to my mind when I think about the south. Our summer has been great so far and hope yours is too. I look forward to reading more of your postings, they are always so interesting.

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